Charas Resource Contest
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Finally, here we are!

We are proud to announce the first Charas Resource Contest!
It is a free and open competition, similar to other contests abbut RPGMaker2K
The only difference is that here the target is not a game, a screen or a charaset: the target are base resources.
I strongly encourage partecipation on this contest to anyone, experts and newbies: creating resources is also a good way to learn something new about graphics (in general, not only for Charas) having fun too!
And a competition like this is mainly for learn&fun: i really hope this will put in contact who'd like to learn with who can teach, and generally everyone of us have something to say (or ask) in both directions.

There are no restrictions on subjects, ideas and so on.
Also, there's no need to keep "secret" you resources: if you want you can share that resource for inclusion in Charas too, you can also choose to partecipate with something already uploaded. We only need to know it is yours.

Refer to the documentation and to the Forum to know every secret you need to create whatever you like!
Charas is really powerful if used with some tricks (for example, read in the documentation about the "almost white" tip!)

Well, i think that's all. Now....
Total freedom is fun and good, but this is a contest! So... rules time! ;)


The resources must be:
How to partecipate Prizes (well, i am not that rich, so....) To know more or to find help and "working examples", look and ask in the Forum.
If you're interested in contest's backgrounds, you can find the contest proposal here.