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If you any question or suggestion: Charas.EX Forum.

Charas.EX, what is it?
It is the official offline version of Charas (developed by GPI), very useful for who is still using a dialup modem or just wanna a offline application to use everywhere.
This project was born outside Charas, but now it is the official offline version: we did this to avoid possible resources dispersion caused by separated projects. Simply we thought: "better more resources for both than some here and some there"!
So, what's about it's features?
Charas.EX has one feature that the online Charas does not have: it can recolor resources very easy.
It is also possible to import new resources, in BMP and PNG format.
As the online version, Charas.EX makes possible to set Items to be drown behind the body, by line: simply click the Checkboxes, and the first one will set the first line to behind, second one to the second line and so on (this feture is available only from the importer, right now).
There would be more to say, so check the Charas.EX Forum to know more and to discuss it.

And finally, the download links!

Basic File
Charas.EX Vers. (October 2, 2004)

(Please save the .update-File into the Charas.EX-folder. After starting Charas.EX, the update will automatic be done.
If you have any problems with the download of the update-files, try to right click on the link and select 'save as'
Basic => 04-10-16
Greek language file (thanks to Balthazar for this)

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