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by Gary Kertopermono

"There ain't no perfect world". This is what popgroup K-otic sang. A year later K-otic split up.

Sometimes life's full of irony. No wonder people want to think positive. They can't handle the selfmockery. It breaks them. That's why Spiderman is my favourite superhero. He's always with selfmockery, most of the time to cheer himself up.

Strange actually. Spiderman is full of negative thoughts, while the writer (Stan Lee) probably thinks positive. Sometimes it seems like I just only can think negative. Maybe that's true, but if you don't think negative, then everything around you is negative.

Mostly I can ease my negative thinking, by for example writing a book, which I never seem to finish, or by creating a movie, and maybe by writing a song. Can't I find a girl? No problem. I'll write a book about it. Does my blood begin to boil by a sucker who thinks that he's the best and in the mean time steal a movie or two? Then I'll make a movie, where a dog, let's say, a pitbull, takes him from behind, followed with the song "I wanna Hmmm...".

Most of the time I love writing a book. But mostly I don't manage to write a happy-happy-joy-joy book. When I wrote page 4, I'm beginning to feel myself depressed. But when I write a book about a doomworld, I come at page 15. Mostly when I do I don't have inspiration and I quit, but still...

Sometimes it seems like I want to live in such a world. A world which is half destroyed, a world where Africa instead of Atlantis sunk. A world where the Vessuvius made half Italy explode. A world where the Indians still ruled America.

I'm the Nameless One, someone who don't know who he is, but knows that he's part of the future.