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This is an open section to put writings about the RPG world, and not only.
What's behind this world? What does it really means for all of us? Do the "RPG lifestyle" change your real world vision too?
If you have something to say about it, share your thoughts and send me your material, for me to put it in these pages.

Review - The Maverick Princess Gary Kertopermono english
We Are Charas. Be heard Kairou english
The real Charas
(What was the purpose of the Charas-Project?)
Gary Kertopermono english, dutch
RPG vs Real Life Gary Kertopermono english
Webmasters gone wrong, Iraqi-wise Gary Kertopermono english
How to attain psychic powers
(Finding your mental self)
Gary Kertopermono english
How to get rid of the so called n00bs
(Hints on avoiding forum clogging)
Gary Kertopermono english
PHP: Heaven or Hell? Gary Kertopermono english
You know your crazy in the Charas project when... RuneBlade english, italiano
Random Thoughts about Charas, RM2K, writing Danilynnarthur english
The True Meaning Behind the RPGMaker Community Theforgotten english
My life as an animator Gary Kertopermono english
Doomworld Gary Kertopermono english, dutch