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How to attain psychic powers

Finding your mental self

by Gary Kertopermono

First note: I'm being serious in this document. I will attempt on teaching people to develop psychic abilities. It is possible, if you can concentrate enough. These things aren't tested yet though, but I will try it. Remember that everyone can learn it (except for hotheads).

How do psychic abilities work?
The first question rises, how do psychic abilities work? Let's start with some examples.

In the Dragonball trilogy, you will find lots of flying people who shoot Ki beams and such. These things use energy. You can bend energy to your will.

In the movie the main character can move things and learn stuff within seconds after seeing a light. Near the end he gets an explanation for that. Every object contains energy. You can use the energy of, for example, sunglasses, to make it float. Your brains only need to be stimulated.

If you have more examples from games, movies and tv-series, please mail it to

Now, basically, everything exists of energy. Energy is in different forms, like warmth and movement. There is also a kind of energy that everybody uses: waves. Your brains use waves to think, to make decisions. But what if we stimulated our brains? What if we used the focused energy on an object? Could we move the object? And can we read minds, or eventually control minds?

Find your inner rest
But first of all, how do we stimulate our brains? It is easier to say than to do it, but there is one way you can give every attention to your brains: inner rest. You'll have to relax. If you are concentrating on an object, concentrating on moving it, then you use your brains instead of stimulate them. You'll need to be one with yourself. This sounds like a lot of nonsense, but it is true. If you find your inner rest, you will be able to concentrate more.

The best thing to do is to sit on the floor, with your legs crossed. Your legs have to be vertical, but bent. Remember, you need inner rest, so relax. Sit straight up, with your chin a bit up. I learned something from my PE teacher, who had it from some Buddhist thing. You'll need to concentrate your energy to your forehead, or actually to the point between your eyebrows. Make it point straight forward. Don't get tensed, you'll need to relax. It may be hard, especially because you will have to sit straight, but that will cause inner rest.

Now breathe in trough your nose, breathe out trough your mouth. Repeat that several times until you find yourself in a relaxed position. You may feel some tension, or a weird tingling. Now it's time to stand up. Stretch your arms up, and stretch every muscle in your body. This will not bring inner rest immediately, but after a few times you will notice you are able to think of nothing, absolutely nothing.

The first training
Okey, now it's time to practice. Let's take a pencil. Let's make it roll over the table, without touching the table or the pencil or anything that can cause the pencil to move. Now concentrate, not on the pencil, but on the spot on your forehead. You can feel some tingling there. Try to focus it to you hand, nothing more. Eventually, when you feel it in your hand, you can try to move the pencil, but keep concentrating on your hand.

You can also try this: try to just concentrate the tingling to your hand, and make it move to your other hand. Make it switch from hand to hand until you don't need much concentration. Now you can try to move the pencil. But you can't force the pencil to move, you'll need to ask it. Like I said, every object has energy. You can use your brainwaves to make it move, but your hands are needed to guide it.

What next?
You moved a pencil, but what now? Now it's time to read minds and stuff. I can't help you much with that, only that you need to concentrate your brainwaves. I'll need to practice all these things myself, so until then you'll need to figure out yourself or wait until someone can give instructions.

Well, this will be expanded, a lot in fact. I'm not sure how everything can be done, but I know it can. Eventually, if I train, I can even make people faint. But I'm not there yet. Yet.

Gary Kertopermono

Version 1.0 - Saturday, November 15, 2003