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My life as an animator
Part 1 - Making of the resource creating tutorial 1

by Gary Kertopermono

It's hard to be a Flash animator. I've been a stickdeath animator for two years, but recently I discovered Charas. Now I'm working on a tutorial in Flash. It supposed to be interactive, but there are some problems an animator has to face.

Ever had an idea that just would turn out as it supposed to be? Well, I have. First, I had Sleeping Pills: Spaghetti, my first stick animation, and a damn funny one. I thought. But when I created it, it turned out crappy. Man, it's so frustrating! Now I'm creating a tutorial for Charas. I wanted to make it interactive, so you could drag and stuff, and make it all beautiful, all in a short time, but there are some problems.

Resources to rip
I first needed to rip all the graphics. Not a big problem, but if you know that some resources are sent anonymous, well, let's say that you can't give credit to an anonymous creator. Just look at the normal body. Another thing is that I had to create some too. The worst example was the Kavu-Ruvi body. The best thing was that I can't sprite. Well, I can sprite, but crappy. I also wanted to keep on helping people, so that also consumes time, making it hard to set a release date for the tutorial.

Spriting and graphic editing
For some odd reason, the basic part is not a big problem. All I have to do is placing the pictures and stuff in the right order. But then... I come to the uploading part. D'OH!!! Now I have to take screenshots for this!!! And the best of all, if I use the whole screen, it doesn't fit. So it's not only making screenshots, but also take parts from that screenshot to use. And then I come to the advanced part. Starting from scratch! Why did I think about that?! How can I be so stupid to put it in! After a few hours I needed to take a break, so I went to Very funny actually, especially Stairjump. Well, time to sprite and animate again. Now where was I? Oh yeah. The Kavu-Ruvi. Man, that's difficult, making a Kavu body from a small Magic card. I actually used Rogue Kavu as an example. But that one's red.

"I know how this one feels," said Urza. "It's not like others of its kind and has been shunned for its differences."

Cool description. And his ability: Whenever Rogue Kavu attacks alone, it gets +2/+0 until end of turn. Anyone interested in creating a Magic: The Gathering game?

Next time I will tell you about making Rayman, and how I finnished the other three parts.