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RPG vs Real Life

by Gary Kertopermono

An RPG is a type of game that exists for a long time. It began as a table top. Life has been here about 3 million years ago for mankind. They werent really Homo Sapiens, but they were human like. Today it seems like RPG and real life are coming close together, especially thanks to the MMORPG. But what are the real differences?

In RPGs you need to control a human in a world created by the Dungeon Master. He creates the world. The Dungeon Master can be human, but can also be the computer. He decides the story. The hero has a certain possibility to win the game, by becoming stronger, leveling up. This happens by getting experience from killing monsters or successfully perform something, like lockpicking or finding traps.
Some RPGs are even that advanced that they raise certain stats you trained on, like, if you use your legs a lot your kicking power increases, if you solved lots of puzzles your intelligence raises. Also, some even have a dating system. Who doesnt remember that little thing in Final Fantasy VII where you could date Aeris or Tifa, depending on how you treated them? Hell, if you treated them both bad, you could always date Yufi. Or Barrett. But this system isnt always consequent. If you talk to people you would think you would at least get some Charisma points. You dont.
The size of the inventory is also a point. In some RPGs the inventory size is limited, but even if its limited its amazing how much a single person can carry. I mean, have you ever seen Conan the Barbarian (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) carry a sword, an axe, a crossbow, three arrows, a frying pan and four loafs of bread in just one bag? The only person who has an infinite amount of inventory space was Simon Belmont, and he was a cartoon figure in the Captain N series.
But the thing that always bothered me was the fact that the NPCs, how intelligent they could be, only had limited amount of convo text. I mean, if you talk to them they give you information. At the end they say something like Okay bye.. Talk to them again and they say something like Birds can fly.. If you talk again with them they say the same over and over again.
Basically, RPGs are always in a certain logarithm. If they are hungry, the hungryness is attached to a variable with a certain value. Even their health is attached to a variable. If the variable is zero, you die.

Real Life
In real life you actually have to work to gain experience. Have you picked a lock? Good, but you wont get any experience. Have you found a trap door? Good, you just got lucky (or the right equipment). But be honest, only books and weights can give you enough experience. Also, talking to others DOES give you charisma points. Every conversation is a new experience.
A good thing about real life is the fact that there are no preset things, triggered events, or whatever. If you get hit by a car you die, unless youre lucky. If you get slapped 1000 times without picking up a health pack (how would you use a health pack in real life anyways) you most likely wont die. Even the conversations arent always the same. I mean, when I talk to a shopkeeper he wont say How can I help you. everytime I talk to him. Instead, he will probably say different lines like You want this? or Buy something or beat it..
What I do hate about life is the fact that we dont have unlimited backpack space. It would be quite handy if we had unlimited inventory space. On the other hand, Simon Belmont couldnt always find what he needed.

Combining both
So what would happen if we combined both? Well, first of all, we would gain experience by doing everything. Example: You picked up a bag. You gained 50 experience. You pushed a button. You gained 10 experience. You crossed the street safely. You gained 10 experience. Level up! Strength up by 4. Intelligence up by 1. Perception up by 2.
Also, the conversations would be very easy:

Hello. Do you want to drink?
Yes / No / Help. => Help
You can use your index finger to make your choice. Then touch your choice with the finger. You can also shout out your choice.
Hello. Do you want to drink?
Yes / No / Help => Yes
Here, have a drink.
<Fadeout, fadein>
Hmmm, that was nice.
Health has been restored.
Hello. Do you want to drink?

You see how easy but boring conversations would be. Hell, you only needed to avoid the events to prevent your own death by, for example, a plane!

So no, bad idea to combine both.