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We Are Charas. Be heard

by Kairou

Now, most of this has already been said in Gary's article. I am here to say: Don't leave. We've lost many people over the past few weeks. One more and Alex might scream. Lately I've been thinking of a way everyone can stay. I hope, that through these words, I'll inspire at least 30 hearts to stay, 10 to return, and I'll bring 100 noobs back to the forum.

We must all Be Heard, for We Are Charas. There is a man, with a kingdom, his kingdom has the peasants, and the peasants become solider, until they just leave. Until the man is left to live on his own. The man's name is Charas.
When many people come to him, he gives us the greatest we can offer. Online. Offline. People like Darkfox and I, who have inspired the Charas dream, "We are Charas. Be Heard" need to support those who fell thee need to leave Charas. Fallow Darkfox. Become Kairou. Join Charas.