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Webmasters gone wrong, Iraqi-wise

by Gary Kertopermono

I recently went to a site I visit often,, especially the forums. I like to show off some things. But then a certain topic struck me.

It was about the war in Iraq, about the American soldiers abusing Iraqi people. At first I thought, finally, someone who admits America is wrong, but then when I looked further I saw lots of hatred against the Iraqi people. Furthermore, I saw this from the webmaster, Randy Solem, a reply to the sentence that its just wrong to send American soldiers just to abuse the people there.

But it's ok for them to drag American corpses through streets and hang the bodies from bridges right? Fuck them. I still say they need to just drop a bomb and level that fucking toilet of a place.

Okay, I dont want to sound rude, but WHAT THE F*** IS THE MATTER WITH YOU, RETARD?! A webmaster is there to set an example, not to send out more hatred. Thats wrong! I mean, take the webmaster of, Alexander Bonivento. I bet he isnt THAT prejudiced (he is actually my webmaster role-model). Anyways, this was my reply to his post:

Okay, some things I want to say.

First of all, what are you, some kind of retards? Abusing isn't good, not by Iraqi people, but most certainly not by these so-called civilised western people. You know what Napoleon, a so-called villain, did with his hostages? He fed them well, he didn't abuse them nor torture them. And I don't care if Americans abuse Iraqi people or Japanese people. Even if it were aliens I wouldn't aprove it. It's just plain wrong, and so is revenge. I bet that when God comes to earth (if he ever exists at all) he wouldn't spare anyone.

Second, why another thing about that godfrickin' war? I mean, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Plus, there are other things going on than besides this f**ing war. I mean, if it wasn't for this war people would go on with their NORMAL lives, criminal ratings would drop. I hate killings, if it is killing Americans or Jews, or even Muslims. I mean, didn't the Bible, the Koran and the... third book say: "Thou shall not kill"?

So Randy, you're just an a**hole. I mean, do you really want Iraq to be bombed to the ground? What if YOU lived in Iraq? And sure, 11th September was bad, but isn't revenge even worse?

You all disgust me.

So, my question to you, if you were an Iraqi, how would you feel if your house got bombed by Americans?

Gary Kertopermono, 2th May 2004.