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You know your crazy in the Charas project when...

by RuneBlade have the charas logo hanging in your house. remember more than 200 different charas you can make with the generator in your head. name all your pets Alex. remember the urls to all the forum threads in charas. tried to enter an art contest with your games generated characters.
...charas logos are hanging on every wall in school/work. bribe the school fotographer to use your charas avatar in the classphoto. read this. refuse to play rpg games if the characters arent generated.
...your family sold the computer because you filled every byte with generated char and facesets. try to make an official Charas commercial.
...your so addicted to charas that you sit at your computer 24/7 and make resources. celebrate Charas birthday worser than new years eve.
...youve got about 12 anti-virus programs tomake sure nothing happens to your precious charasets. think that the creators of rpg maker copied Alex name after our dear admin. write your own "You know your crazy in the Charas project when..." text.