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The True Meaning Behind the RPGMaker Community

by Theforgotten

All right. I have been thinking a lot about rm2k lately and the history of it. Well here is what happened right when Don translated rpgmaker2000.

Once upon a full moon. (Not as I know but anyway) a long time ago (about 2-3 years) right when Don translated rpgmaker2003 there were only a few games being made. These games had a team comprised of many people. A person to do story, a programmer, and many graphics artists one for each set. People would do these awesome games in a matter of weeks. Over the months though these teams were dismantled and they all went their separate ways. More and more people came into the community. Games started consisting of 2-3 people doing all the game by themselves. Then in recent times (within the last few months) games have been made by just one person. The real reason Don translated rm2k or whatever you want to call it is to meet new people to work with people who you have just met. It was meant to work as teams and help each other. Nowadays no one helps each other they are just snoody people who just all they do is just well when someone has help they don't help. I wish people would remember (the old ones if the yare still around) then remember the true meaning and for the new people to realize the true meaning to making rpgs. I hope people read this.

God speed Don Miguel