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How I could partecipate?

If you any question or suggestion: Forum, Documentation.

Partecipate to Charas is easy: just send me your material in the Forum, writing in which category it is. After seeing it it will be posted in the site! *

.PNG image at 8 bit (256 colors) like the ones created with IDraw with white background (rgb=255,255,255).

72 x 128 pixel, divided in 12 cells 24 x 32.
The four lines must contain the following directions:
line 1: UP
line 2: RIGHT
line 3: DOWN
line 4: LEFT

The graphic must be only of one of this sections: bodies, faces, hair, dresses, accessories.
It also must can be used perfectly with the others sections.
The using order is the following:
bodies => faces => dresses => hair => items
For example: long hair can be over a dress but a too big dress will cover the face!

This has changed, as described here.

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