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Go and see the Support Area Productions!
Received donations
Yes, Charas is and will remain free. But the incredible success we had has some costs, unfortunatly.
The bandwith we consume isn't free, and the same for the servers in which we are.
This is why this section exists: help Charas to survive!
But this wants to be a slightly different support area:
here you'll find works created by users and donated to Charas to promote it's support.
Everything is for free, here: we just ask you to contribute as you can, if you belive, as us, in this project.
So, at the end, how may you send something? There are two ways:
If you are a credit card owner, then there is Paypal.
If not, you can send whatever you want directly to me, at home.
(well, excepting sars letters and bombs, but postcards and money supports are ALWAYS appreciated :D )
Using PaypalDirectly to me
Alexander Bonivento
Via Antonio Loredan 8
30126, Lido di Venezia
Venice (ITALY)

Received donations

From Donation Received Notes Sending mode
Bo 20 EUR March 17, 2024 thank you for keeping this great resource running ! Paypal
Moe 20 EUR July 5, 2016 Thanks for the great site! - Moe Paypal
Gustavo Barros 15 EUR April 30, 2011 I access the site weekly Charas-Project.
I think just make a donation to their work. Your site is very good.
Anthony Kertopermono 2.22 EUR June 23, 2005 A small donation from Gary and Anthony Kertopermono :P Paypal
Toni Ronkko 5 EUR April 18, 2005 Thanks to Moosetroop11 Paypal
Jared McDougall 10 EUR January 5, 2003 None Paypal
Toni Ronkko 8 EUR December 27, 2004 Thanks to Moosetroop11 Paypal
Alexandra Olofsson 4 EUR December 7, 2004 A gift from me Lanchor, You are talented and this site will go far ^^ Paypal
Shirley Obbard 5 EUR October 27, 2004 Your website has been of great use thanx Paypal
Alethia Cyrus 5 EUR October 7, 2004 Hope Charas stays around a long time! Paypal
Ryan Hoggatt 8.18 EUR April 27, 2004 keep up the good work! Paypal
Geoffrey Johnson 81 EUR April 12, 2004 None Paypal
John Beno 10 EUR April 12, 2004 None Paypal
Saxon Vega 20 EUR March 30, 2004 Here's some cash 2 help yea guys out :)
Charas rules!
Moiledzep 15 EUR March 27, 2004 Charas must survive and i'll do all what i'll can for it!!! Home
Knut Hauge Engvik 4 EUR Febraury 5, 2004 None Paypal
Adjuma 50 SEK December 31, 2003 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Home
Matt Bohnert 3 EUR November 10, 2003 I know it's not much, but I hope this helps! Paypal

Charas Support Area Productions

If you'd like to offer something to be placed here, just post it in the forums or email it to me.
You can send whatever you want: artworks, mp3 songs, texts...
Requirement is: it MUST be original. Nothing else.
Simply consider your works to be placed here as a demonstration of the passion we have... in everything.
If you can produce a good mp3 or an artwork not necessary done in rpg/fantasy style, it is absolutely ok anyhow!
CharasHelp Movie
a cool Flash animation for Charas By Kijuki_Magazaki
Are you all ashamed?
By moiledzep
Help to survive
By Cosmo
You and me
By Sharu
The Charas Project
By RuneBlade
Support Charas!
By RuneBlade
Support Charas Now
By Gary Kertopermono
Charas Support Animation
By FFL2and3rocks
More Charas?
By Sharu
Help Charas?
By ES2005
Like a flower
By moiledzep
Help Charas
By dark barrier2
Maybe You Know Help
By Sharu
Between life and death...
By moiledzep
The Advocate's Plea
A Charas dedicated song

By Al~Len
support charas!
By Castelo RPG
support charas!
By Castelo RPG