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What's Charas?

It is a freeware tool, opened to everyone's collaboration.It works in avery special way: you can use it on the Internet!
Charas is a charset generator for RPG Maker the beautiful Ascii tool to make Role Playing Games.
Charsets are images that rapresents the moviment of a character on the screen. Because this images are so small (24x32 pixel), it isn't always easy create them from nothing.
Because of this, RPG Maker already contains the RTP an already-made collection of charsets, chipsets etc.
But, also there are lots of them, usually no one is exactly what we are looking for and, if we don't know how to draw it, we must choose the most similar to what we are looking.
Charas will help in this case: with it you can select and put together five different elements to draw (quite from nothing) your charset. Is like a ind of Lego �: it gives us the bricks and we build the building.
Charas has also his strange (but useful!) possibility to set the trasparency of every used element, so you can build lots of effects.

The Project is constantly in progress, because is a community-open tool: because of this everyone could partecipate, if he thinks that his work can be useful for others users.

Enjoy Charas!!

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